The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS™)

Achieving Digital Immunity with the Smart Vaccine™

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Consider The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS™/Smart Vaccine™) as the continuum of the Immunization legacy as applied to the digital world. 

Cybercrime has become a very affluent business, exemplified as attack-as-a-service (AaaS).  The Russians and Chinese have recently been suspected of providing (AaaS) to nefarious organizations. CEWPS™/Smart Vaccine™offers the most innovative solution to this critical issue.

The Three Layers of CEWPS/Smart Vaccine


Components of CEWPS/Smart Vaccine


Even Amazon and Google could use the Smart Vaccine on the cloud, as the Vaccination-as-a-Service, as the new Anti-Virus! Horror crime stories like the leakage of Sony Films’ movies after hacker attacks, or the new Stuxnet “the Regin” malware that has been spying on us for years, is the newly-uncovered cyber security threat. The American multinational banking and financial services holding company JP Morgan has been hacked since June 2014 and it was only discovered in August. And this happened despite huge investments on information security? Seems like malware is winning the battle and the war!

Smart cities are emerging not only in Dubai, but also other parts of the world. Although the main objective of smart cities is the prosperity and security of people, the concern for information privacy is something that cannot be neglected, as much as the security of the country’s critical infrastructure systems. This is where the smart vaccine will be the destination.

Ms. Corpuz is a senior domain expert in Cyber Security from Abu Dhabi. She is a member of the Smart Vaccine Design team.


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