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The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS™)

Irene Corpuz, MSc, Senior Security Expert

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Irene was one of the first people who appreciated the value added of the Smart Vaccine as the dynamic autonomic agent to vaccinate the critical systems that manage the infrastructures in Smart Cities. As a matter of fact, she gave presentations at the international level on how the Human Immune System can be replicated in the digital world. She is one of the most avid promoters of the concept of Digital Immunity.


Irene has 25 years of expertise in various industries and region including Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. She offers a diverse and wide range of skills and expertise in every organization, group, or individual that she works with. 


Irene is the Head of Planning & IT Security Section at the Western Region Municipality, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  She is a practicing consultant in the field of Corporate Strategy, IT Service Management, Quality (ISO) & Organizational Excellence (EFQM), and project management. 


Irene is a Senior Member of the engineering and development of the Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System using the Smart Vaccine to which this book is written.  Ms. Corpuz has led strategic and technology-based initiatives in the Philippines, the UAE, UK and the US. 


Irene is also a seasoned speaker about Information Security where she has delivered the presentation about CEWPS/Smart Vaccine™ in the Asia and Middle East CISO Summit.

Irene has her Masters in IT and Business Management from University of Wales, UK. In addition to a portfolio of certification including:

1.       ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer

2.       ITIL V3 Foundation and ITIL V2 Service Manager

3.       Project Management Professional (PMI USA)

4.       EFQM Assessor (EFQM Brussels)

5.       Certified Knowledge Manager (Knowledge Management Institute – USA)


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